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In today’s changing regulatory environment, it has never been more complicated for healthcare facilities to navigate third party insurance billing and serve their consumers. The Affordable Care Act and other regulatory reforms, industry consolidation, changes in the payer and provider relationship, the use and disclosure of electronic medical records and the management of human capital all affect your healthcare facility. As insurance billing becomes more complex, billing becomes increasingly inefficient, leaving fees unpaid for services that have been provided.

Save time and money

Insurance Receivables Management handles all medical insurance receivable services for our clients.  Improve your communication and response time with insurance companies by letting our highly trained staff manage your insurance billing. IRM has an experienced and highly trained staff that specializes in managing and resolving unpaid commercial and Managed Care insurance claims.

While many other companies offer services as vendors, we extend our insurance reimbursement expertise to your business as trusted partners, helping you recover you insurance receivables and ensure that all of your consumers are satisfied with how you have handled their insurance processing. Most importantly, we develop long-lasting business relationships that are built on honesty, integrity, and service.  The health insurance industry constantly changes and your business has to be ready for it.  We can help!

How Insurance Receivables Management can help healthcare providers
  • Make billing and reimbursement processes easier to manage. Our staff will assist your facility in communicating with insurance companies and patients to receive prompt reimbursement.
  • Minimize outstanding bills. By streamlining the billing and insurance reimbursement process, we can help you collect outstanding payments quickly and easily.
  • Improve cash flow. We act as an extension of your accounts receivable department ensuring that your facility has cash on hand while managing payment plans and insurance reimbursement processes for you.
  • Maintain patient satisfaction. With our services, handling insurance claims and bills become an easy, streamlined, process that provides your patients with the help they need, without the hassle! Our continued follow-up and monitoring services handles rebilling, create secondary claims, and research to resolve outstanding balances.
Services included in our comprehensive insurance management solutions
  • Eligibility verification for patients
  • Initial billing, rebilling, and secondary billing of patient primary insurance
  • Writing and submitting Letters of Appeal for denied claims
  • Continuous follow-up communications until an account is paid correctly
  • Assisting clients research insurance accounts to resolve disputes and missing payments
  • Handling patient follow-up to help them supply any necessary additional information
  • Requesting and creating any medical records needed for follow-up services.

When you partner with us for your insurance receivable management operations, your organization can avoid wasted effort dealing with insurance companies on a daily basis.

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