Accelerate your cash flow with our Collection Services

You work hard to make your business a success, so don't let delinquent accounts place it all in jeopardy. Collection Services from BC Services can help you keep your cash flow moving in the right direction.

Company Philosophy

BC Services has a dynamic approach to designing programs that are client specific and deviate by service and performance.  The company is large enough to expend the resources necessary to fulfill demanding industry requirements while providing individual service to every client.  The goal is to create an accounts receivable solution that enhances and expands the clients’ current operation.

The executive team is dedicated to creating an environment that encourages employee participation and professional growth. 

BC Services is committed to the highest standards of professional and ethical business practices.  BC Services adheres to all laws and regulations that govern the collection industry and ensures that all employees are full trained to follow these laws.

Our business is your bottom line.  Let BC Services do the work while you enjoy the bottom line benefits.

Our Collection Service







Reliability and Results

Our highly qualified collectors attend ongoing training and are re-certified annually to ensure that they stay current with state and federal laws. As another measure to safeguard your business image and customer relationships, all of our collectors are constantly monitored by management to ensure that all accounts are worked with diplomacy and tact.

No up-front fees

Contingency rates are based on account balance. If we don't collect, you don't pay. We have the incentive to really perform and you get the most for your dollars spent on collection services.